Why I Love The Beach

 Do you love the ocean?   Just about all of our vacations require that we be by the ocean.  Summer or Winter we're often soaking up the sun at the beach.  The Pacific Ocean,  the Atlantic,  the Mediterranean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, they are all beautiful in their own way.   One of our favorite places in San Diego, on the Pacific Highway,  is Hotel Coronado.  It's Victorian architecture with a crisp white exterior and red roof beckons all who drive by to spend an afternoon strolling the beach.  There are many enticing things to do.  We usually have a grilled hamburger or hot dog on the deck overlooking the blue water with its foaming waves crashing on the seashell covered sand.  Seagulls swoop from sand to wispy white clouds.  There is also a restaurant on the corridor with unique boutiques on either side, always tempting me with an array of colorful beach wear, ceramic dinnerware, paintings, kitchen towels and beautiful books.  I'm reminded of this beautiful getaway with a painting we bought of a bistro set on the lawn overlooking the ocean.  Aaah, it does a heart good in the middle of winter.

Through the years we have collected a few shells from around the world.  We have used them in decorating our home. They are displayed in crystal bowls in the living room.  Our accent lamp in the bedroom has a glass base with a variety of seashells in different shapes and colors.

The ocean is a place to let your worries wash out to sea.  It makes problems and looming deadlines seem small.   Life seems to fall into place.  All of a sudden in the great scheme of life those things that seemed so big and overwhelming find their place and you feel balanced once again.
Stroll along the beach barefoot.  It's an inexpensive pedicure.  The sand smooths the bottom of your feet, and leg muscles are strengthened as your toes grip the sand.  Feel the cool breeze and ocean spray on your face.  You'll feel the immediate hydration of your skin.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love the beach.   As a teenager,  my friends and I would frequent the beaches at Santa Monica, Huntington, and Malibu in Los Angeles Co., California.  We had a whole different list of reasons we liked going to the beach.  One of the main reasons was to lay on the warm sand and tan ourselves up with a slick layer of cocoa butter.  We would buy a small bar of cocoa butter at the drug store for twenty-five cents.   Who knew we were frying ourselves, we just knew Copperton would not give you a quick tan!  Live and Learn.
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