Garage Sale Girls


One of the many things I love about summer are the enticing posters on stop signs and light posts. It's like a red light flashing....Treasure Hunt coming up. Before the girls and I take off in our different directions we huddle together and discuss what we're looking for. Maybe it will be an unknown surprise, a book, a chair or a dish.  It doesn't even matter if we come home empty handed.  The thrill of the hunt is enough!

The bamboo bistro patio set was one such find.  It looked pretty sad with it's rattan ends poking out in all directions.  The cushion covers were of an ancient design and very dirty!  I was sure the tabletop was glass under the layer of dust.  And the furniture color was a unbecoming brown and yellow.

With a place in mind for this little bistro set I paid my meager sum and headed home.

First of all a good wash, revealed an unscratched glass tabletop and bamboo that was in pretty good shape.  With a glue gun I tacked down the loose ends and placed the set outside to spray chairs and table with a black flat paint.  After the paint was dry it was sprayed with a polyurethane finish to protect it from moisture.    

I had previously bought a half yard of upholstery fabric on sale at JoAnne Fabrics.  It was the perfect finish for the chairs with it's green and black stylized flowers.  I cut off the old fabric.  The cushion was still good so I just stapled the fabric onto the wood base.  Voila!  This refinished bistro set was placed next to our Hot Tub and it's the perfect place to set towels, etc.

Every once in a while I find unique salt and pepper shakers at a garage sale or flea market.  My first set were a set of dogs with Christmas wreaths around their necks.  They always come out at Christmas and receive lots of compliments.  Does anyone remember Aunt Jemima and the story of her delicious pancakes?  I was smitten when I saw a pair.  They remind me of a favorite childhood memory and are a real conversation piece.

Whatever your treasure, it will surely be a day to remember!   Save your pennies, grab your girlfriends and have some fun next weekend.

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