Fresh Looks for Summer

This Summer I Will.....
1.  Redo the library shelves. Simplify with streamline accessories.  A touch of green and a minimum of color.   Turning the books around so the white pages show is refreshing.
2.   I will set aside an area for summer essentials.  Tote bags, towels for swimming.  Lots of hooks to keep things off the floor.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.
3.  I will freshen up the bedrooms with cool colors and pops of color.  A clean and inviting room is a wonderful retreat after a hot and active day.
4.   I will find fun places to showcase souvenirs from our travels.  Utilize wall shelves to add interest.  A colorful banner made from fabric remnants or craft paper will add balance and pizazz.
5.  I will add some fresh colored pillows with cute embellishments.  Great additions to prop up for reading a book or scatter them on the floor when little friends come over so they can lounge about on the floor and talk.
6.  I will use some new color combinations and light fixtures to update rooms and create a cozy family gathering spot.

                                        "Oh Summer, How I Love You"

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