DIY China Cabinet to Craft Shelves

I have to admit it took me some time before I was ready to start on this project.  I could see in my mind what I wanted but was I willing to distress the cabinet, take out the glass panels, repaint the wood finish.  Why was it a hard decision?  Totally sentimental!!  This was our first china cabinet years ago.  How excited we were to put a beautiful traditional china cabinet and French dining table with six chairs in the dining room.  The room had waited so long for furniture and here it was finally.  A dream come true! 

When I finally decided the cabinet was the perfect storage solution for my sewing studio I bit the bullet and bought the paint.  Then the work began.  The robin egg blue chalk paint finish is the perfect accent for the gray walls and white tables in the room.  I love it and only wish I hadn't  waited so long.  Here's a peek of the process.

The cabinet has three open cupboard doors on top and three wood cupboards on the bottom.  I love chalk paint.  No need to sand before painting  and it  has a little bit of a rustic look to it.  After the paint dried I applied a clear wax which tones the color down a bit and gives it a nice finish.

This was the hard part, giving it a worn and been around for a while look.  Prying off the handles, scratching and nicking it up broke my heart.  But I had a vision.   I couldn't turn back now.
A screw, nail and a hammer did the trick.  The wood was pretty  hard.
Glass panels out, paint dry and checking out some drawer knobs I've been collecting for awhile.  The knobs are from Anthropologie and Hobby Lobby.  I love  the colorful variations they have.
 Before the glass panels go back in the shelves the beastly job of putting chicken wire in the sides and doors began.

I bought the chicken wire at Lowe's.  At this point I was very anxious to get it done.  Without wearing leather gloves or a long shirt I began cutting and stapling the wire to the back of the door  and finished in an hour or two.  Needless to say my arms and hands were  pretty scratched up. 

How exciting to have a new place for my books and notions.   It's the perfect focal point in the room, and crafty resources and tools are close at hand.

On To The Next Project! 

Sunshine & Happiness

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