Charming Ann Arbor, Michigan


I love the details in these towns built in yesteryear.  The attention to detail is what captivates me. The arched windows, the small shops snuggled close together differentiated by their colorful store fronts.  Tree lined streets offering shade and shadow.  A few years back I discovered my great-great grandmother grew up in Michigan. This adds a special delight,  thinking about her carrying on with her life in these very areas which I am very fortunate to visit.

Main Street in Ann Arbor.  This is a college town with many outdoor cafes, pizza parlors in old Victorian buildings and hip clothing stores lining the street.
I feel my day is complete if I can take a stroll on such a street soaking up the history of the buildings.  Questioning as if they would be so kind to answer my questions. What year were they built? What was it's original purpose? If only these walls could talk of another time.   Graceful architectural embellishments give character to brick and stone.  Always beautiful details. 
A fairy garden tucked under a big tree.was a happy surprise.   One of these days I am going to find a place for my own fairy garden.  In the meantime, Bostyn and I made a lovely one in a garden pot.  We found all sorts of things from the house that made a perfect landscape for our little fairy.  Glass pebbles for a stream,  a little mirror for a pond, a small wood bird house Bostyn had painted was the perfect fairy dwelling. 

More enchanting details.  What ghosts of the past looked out of these windows watching the hustle and bustle of the street below.  A business man, a maid, a professor, a student, a child, a writer?

Antiques or Book shops are a definite stop.  I can get lost for hours among the dusty shelves.  Luckily Mr.T also loves books so we disappear into our own corners for a while.  Later we stop at a cute little restaurant with it's original tin ceiling  and tell each other about the historical treasures we found in the book store.
Are you a modern girl or a Victorian at heart?  Do you get lost in history?

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