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Spring Teaser

I know it's a little early around here to be dreaming of summer lounging and gardening, but I'm so excited that our four foot pile of snow in the backyard has almost completely melted it puts me in the mood for the outdoors.  We can actually see some grass and tender little bulbs poking through the soggy ground.  With gardening and outside living catalogs coming in the mail on a daily basis I'm beginning to make plans for the patios and window boxes.  Still trying to decide where to put the pool,  besides in my dreams.   Just a few pictures of warm weather inspirations from last summer.
I A little touch of vintage with the cruiser bike.  The side panels on the side of the window are from our previous home.  One of our souvenirs. The geranium pot looks pretty sad.  The plant is a start I took from another healthy geranium. When we lived in California we could just break off a stem of a geranium, stick it in the ground and it would start to grow.  Not such luck here.
The ca…