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Pops Of Red

In my last post I talked about adding a touch of red to your decor.  This is the month to do it, all things red, right?  Over the last few years I find myself adding a pop of red in just about every room. It adds energy to the room not to mention a boost to your own energy level.  One of my favorite designers was a advocate of a bit of yellow in every room much like I am one for red.  It's so easy to add any shade of red with a sassy pillow, a thin red trim around a picture,  a bowl of white flowers with one stunning red rose, a cuddly throw across the bed or casually tossed on the arm of a couch or chair.  The ideas are endless.  Here are a few ideas, some temporary, others a little more permanent, for a few years anyway.  Accessories are always quicker and easier to change out.

Red is like a neutral.  It goes with so many other colors.  Some of my favorite combinations are navy, aqua, yellows, brown, greens, actually, etc. etc.  Go for some extra energy this month. 
 Let me know…