Welcome Lovable February

I embrace you February with open arms.  Though your frozen fingers touch the trees with glistening icicles and shake snowflakes from the gray sky, my heart stays warm with thoughts of love notes on
Valentine's Day, birthday celebrations with family and friends, and a 3-day weekend to boot. February I look for the best in you.  Your cold heavy skies don't weigh me down.  Your heaps of snow don't discourage me.  It only means Spring is one month closer.  But we'll have to see what Mr. Groundhog has to say about that.

In the meantime I will begin to plan my party month.

Incorporate touches of red and pink in my decor.

Plan a special dinner for friends and family.

How about a tea party?

Make Valentine cards.

Think of special ways to show all those I love how much I care.

February is an excuse to reach out.  Let's do it!

  To  have joy one must share it,
Happiness was born a twin.
    Lord Byron

      Thanks my friends for stopping by! 

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