Enjoying Fall Everywhere

I guess you could say I'm way behind on my blog with the excuse being since July we have just about been around the world in 80 days.  I always lug around my laptop with the intention of posting wonderful adventures and pictures of where we are, but many times there's hardly a minute to catch my breath before we're off again.  When I do have a spare moment I love to look at your beautiful blogs which doesn't require much effort on my part.

Before leaving for Fort Lauderdale, Florida a few days ago we were beginning to feel the coziness of fall with breezes tossing autumn leaves to the ground.  Puffy white clouds scooting across the sky with dark thunder bumpers following behind.
As we drive up the canyon road to our house both sides of the streets are lined with rows and rows of sunflowers. That's when we know fall is really here.

What I'm seeing today from my 19th floor hotel balcony just a few steps from the beach is more of a summer paradise.  A couple of white sail boats navigating through choppy waters. Royal blue umbrellas dot the white sands and flutter in the hefty breezes .  Palm trees sway and tangled hair whips around the faces of  sunbathers .  Seagulls squealing as they dip and soar high above the blue-green swells and the constant crash of waves on the sand are soothing sounds to my ears. A friendly fat gray pigeon and his friend are poking around the balcony, for crumbs I suspect, from my granola bar.

Since I'm really in the mood for the enchantments of fall I thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures from previous travels.   For me the rich fall colors, the aroma of baking cookies and pies, the anticipation of the coming holidays are things I love. These bakery windows showing off their delectable desserts which are to die for. These tasty treats in the bakeries of  France and Germany are as delicious as they look.  That's not to say I tried all of them!  How would it be to have such an enticing dessert bar at a fall gathering topped off with some hot chocolate or warm cider?

Let me show you some of my favorite places to enjoy the fall.

Boston, Massachusetts and Exeter, New Hampshire

 The New England woods have such a variety of red and orange leaves.   Just beautiful.  The timing is always very tricky if you're trying to catch them.   The colors change anytime between September and October.
  This beautiful roof lines have the makings of  haunted houses especially on a dark, windy night.

Just the beginning of glorious color.  The woods are so tall and thick they hide neighborhoods, walking trails, secret gardens and estates. It's magical.
Mr. T sports some red, red maple leaves in his shirt pocket from our walk through the grounds of one of the beautiful estates in Michigan.  Our lovely Ashley, the photographer in the family.  She often takes wedding photos here. 

Halloween is just around the corner.  It's the beginning of our party season  which our family always looks forward to.  Before leaving on this trip I decorated the house with witches hats, my Victorian themed dining table with silver dishes, sparkling wands and potions.  Invitations have been sent by Evite.  They make it so easy.   Costumes are an absolute must.  I haven't figured out the details of dinner yet but we usually have a tasty pot of Chili as our main course.  Then it's games and a fishing pond and spook alley.

What are some of your favorite fall traditions?  I would love to hear about them. Until next time enjoy your fall days wherever you are.


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