T-Shirt Makeover

In our travels Mr. T can always find great looking logo t-shirts.  He has quite a colorful collection and it's a fun way to remember the places we've been.  I like to help him pick them out but I don't usually get one for myself because I feel like a walking billboard and they're pretty boxy on me.  When we were at Canyonlands I changed my mind when I saw the nice logo designs.  So with the intention of a little redesigning I bought a couple of t-shirts.   
Before the re-do
  The high round neck, the sleeves and the length aren't very flattering (on me), so the scissors and I got busy snipping when we got home.
Cutting the neck a little deeper and further out on the shoulder.   A couple of inches off the sleeve and about four inches on the bottom.  I had a shirt from Cancun that I also threw in the re-do mix.
The cut pieces

Finished Shirt
I had a 'fat quarter' that made a perfect bias trim. A couple of tucks in the front and back give the shirt a more feminine touch and eliminate the boxy look.  

I'll have to get some more t-shirts this summer to do a little more experimenting.   It was a fast project and a big improvement.
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