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A few months ago I was asked to speak to a group of young ladies and their mothers about journal keeping.  What a great time I had with these cute girls.   My theme was a quote from Hans Christian Andersen, "Life Itself Is The Greatest Fairytale of All".  Well, he should know having written quite a few classic fairytales.

The sad fact of our day of texts and e-mails is that we have fewer and fewer personal written words  in a journal or a letter to a special friend or loved one.  Where are the day to day records of life?   Some of the best books that have been written have contained information from another period of time.  Those interesting tidbits come from from personal letters and journals.   Where is the proof to another generation that life was wonderful for us unless we record it?  I love to read letters from my grandmas and grandpas to their kids.  And what a treasure it is to read letters between my mom and dad during WWII.

If you haven't started or need some motivation here are a few ideas to make the process fun.

Journal prompts glued to popsicle sticks help get you thinking if you're stuck and can't  think of anything to write about.  i.e. What did you like to do when you were eight?  Why is it easy or not to get up in the morning?
I believe when you know you are going to be writing in your journal at the end of the day,  or whenever, you become more observant to what's going on around you.  You start looking for the good in the day.  Every once in a while I have to do a world update just so the future generation knows what was going on in the ancient year of 2016.
There are many ways to approach journaling as there are types of journals.  How about doodle journals, art journals, travel journals, spiritual journals.  The red book has all the details of my trip to Europe after high school.  Written with the perspective of a teenager, i.e. "Hungary has very cute boys." The Mary Englebreit journal is full of my learning years as a mother raising five daughters.  Some day they may find it insightful. They have a false illusion that I was the perfect mother and so were they.   The spiral bound sketch book is full of inspiring words,  written quotes, and favorite pictures from magazines.  It's a tale of what was interesting to me on a given day.  The yellow book is a copy of my blog.  In the background is a journal I made by covering a bound notebook with scrapbook paper and then embellished it with jewelry and ribbon.  I am the queen of embellishment.

To make it easier to sit down and write have all of your supplies close at hand.  This is an example I showed the girls which they thought was fun.  A wooden box from Michaels craft store painted and covered with scrapbook paper with a ribbon glued around the bottom.  Inside are stickers, pens, colored pencils, journal prompts and a journal.
Also writing letters creates a history of day to day life and the celebrations of life.  Since it's still the month for showing we care,  take a little time to find some cute paper, carve out an hour in your day and tell someone you're thinking of them.  Then rattle off about whats going on in your neck of the woods.  I know it's not as fast as an e-mail but finding a letter in your mailbox is a real treat!  Truly a labor of love.  And you will feel a great sense of satisfaction.  

                                                                    Deadline four days :)
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