A Little Heads Up on Christmas Shopping

Time to grab my purse and do a little window shopping on Main Street to get inspired for the Christmas season.  Why do I prefer walking in a store to browsing online?  All my senses are involved.  First of all these little shops always smell delicious with the scent of candles, perfum and sachets.
Secondly, entering the shop is an instant feast for the eyes.  Colors and textures jump out.  I want to touchy feelly everything.  So much eye candy I don't know where to begin.  But begin I must.
It actually takes quite awhile to go through this shop called  'Madame L'Amour' on Bountiful's Main St.  You just don't want to miss anything. The furniture is painted so beautifully in the softest of colors, charming displays, the chandeliers are romantic and there's always that one of a kind item that is certainly a must have.
Thirdly why I go out of my way to find unique shops is because at Christmas time so many unusual and glitzy things show up.  You think you have everything you need and want and then there it is, some cute little thing you've never seen before.  After a couple of hours of window shopping I hurry home and write my letter to Santa!  Plus my head is full of ideas for those on my Christmas list.  It really is a sensory experience unlike sitting at the computer scrolling up and down a screen. 


Welcome To My Playroom

When work is play.  It's that time of year when projects have deadlines.   Ideas must now manifest themselves in fabric or paper.  Holiday boutiques and retail shops must have the goods for their customers to indulge in the holiday spirit of gift giving.  While I'm working in my studio the piles around me get higher and higher.  In fact, scissors and the seam rippers are always getting lost in the chaos. Buttons, lace, ribbon and bobbins in a array of colors cover the tables.
Here's a sneek peek of some of the things I have been working on. 
I taught a craft class at our Relief super Saturday.  The ladies were pleased with their Merry Christmas wall hangings made from wood and scrapbook paper.
Embellishing is the name of the game.  Giving some pizzazz with ruffle and button to suede gloves.
Mr. Doggy is about 16" high and such a cutie.  I'm taking custom orders so that a child can have a dog in their favorite color with boy or girl prints.  One of the dogs is green and brown with trucks, ABC's and dots.

An updated look for the forever favorite, an embroidered sampler.  A great accent piece in a room.
Over the weekend with all the projects finished, for now, I began the clean studio clean up.  Fabrics  were folded up and put into a big basket, if the pieces were larger than 12", otherwise scraps were put into hatboxes. Threads back on the board, ribbons corralled in hanging baskets.  There were tons of straight pins on the floor and guess what I found?  Under the piles I found four pairs of scissors and three seam rippers.  I always believe messes cause expense because you can't find what you need.  I had actually bought another seam reaper because I couldn't find my other three!  What can I say.  I'm like a mad scientist when I'm in the middle of a project.
Well it's all cleaned up for now.  I'll give it a rest for a few days before I start again.  Any good ideas for keeping your essentials handy while you're sewing? I'm open to suggestions.
                                                               Have a great day

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