Hot as a Firecracker...Palm Springs

The last part of August we reserved a two room suite in Palm Springs.  Boy was it hot!  110 degrees.  Lacey and the boys drove over from Los Angeles for a couple of days to play with us.  During the day we made the rounds of the resorts six pools. One of them was a water park which Ty, Emmett and Paden loved.  A splash pad, slides, mini kids pool and a huge pool kept us cool for hours.  Love the canopies with the refreshing mist.

I even had a go on the slide and soaked everyone when I hit the water. Lacey waiting for Paden to make a splash.
Later in the afternoon we piled into the Mustang and drove to historic Palm Springs for ice cream and shopping.   There's no doubt these little boys love their 'mama bear'.  We love Mr. T taking us to fun places.

The restaurant behind is Ruby's Diner.  We love the nostalgic atmosphere.  They have the best hamburgers and shakes.  Although as I recall someone ordered pancakes and loved them.

The day the kids left Mr. T took them miniature golfing.  It was reported by Mr. T that Ty and Emmett have such a powerful swing they are ready for the big course.  Maybe next year.  Too soon they were headed home to start football practice and make preparations for the new school year.  Emmett starts kindergarten this year.


Zion or Bust

We made our yearly trek to Zions Canyon for the 57th Durfey Reunion on the weekend of July 4.  We always look forward to meeting with cousins who come from all over the country.  We are never disappointed with the fun we have together.  Surrounded by the amazing stone cliffs and red rock mountains that never change.  It's like coming home to something very familiar and safe.  We have memories as children swimming the river, hiking the trails, discovering our own trails.  Every night we gather to sing, go on a bear hunt, entertain with impromptu skits and remember our loved ones who have passed on. Grandpa Durfey and his six daughters and sons-in-law started the reunion 57 years ago.  I think one of the reasons for its success is that we always meet at Zions.  We have watched many changes over the years and in some ways feel a bit put out that it has become so crowded with tourists.  Years ago we ran the trails pretty much by ourselves, jump on the swinging bridge, have firesides that the Park Rangers would also enjoy.  Many adventures and happy memories in our Zions. We are grateful for this family legacy.
The Springdale parade has become a tradition.  All the little ones (4th and 5th generation) ride on the float.  We all take part in decorating the trailer and scramble to gt everyone in their place by 9 am.  The kids throw out candy and drench the the parade-goers sitting along the sidewalk with squirt guns. Some little ones are still in training as they would rather eat the candy than  throw it out in the street.

This year those who were up for it went on a 12 mile bike ride. The starting point was at Zion look-out a couple of miles below the Kolob reservoir.  Bikes were taken up in trucks.   

  We're above the sheer cliff  of the the canyon.  The Great White Throne and below the West Rim Trail.  One of the many trails we hiked as kids.
Ready, Set, Go.   All the cousins, mostly bikers, some drivers.

In the evening we gather for dinner, singing and skits. Prop bags are awaiting crazy skits.  Everyone does an amazing job coming up with a hilarious story off the top of their head.
Lacey in the 'Perils of Pauline'
Another fun year and another generation loving it.  Our home by the river.

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