Look For The Signs

I get a kick out of the signs in ghost towns and old buildings from the past.  Sign boards seemed to be a way to make a statement, give directions, advertise or in general say whatever it was they wanted to say.  Maybe like todays bumper sticker. Some boards have interesting detail.  Beautiful lettering, pretty colors and curves and swirls.  Others were short and sweet.  Paint a board and nail it up.   These gems were found at an abandoned copper mine.  A ghost town in Arizona which at one time had a population of thousands and now just a hundred or so. 

  I especially like "Do not throw old clothes or shoes out of the windows".    What window?


Salton Sea and Date Palms

Not far from the California Mexico border is the Salton Sea.  I don't know if it was a 'hot  spot' at one time or some developers had high hopes of it becoming one.  There are empty building lots.  The weathered and faded For Sale signs are stretched across the desert sand.  A shell of a tourist shop advertising water sports and a deserted beach. 
Driving down the road before we reached the Salton Sea were rows and rows of date palms. The heavy bunches of dates are bagged, dry on the tree and then harvested.  I must admit I had never seen a date palm with dates on it.  Some things you just think come from a store, right?  I was reminded of our young daughter years ago who was horrified to find out milk came from a cow!  When we asked her where she thought milk came from she said, 'The store".


Before We Forget

With the gusting wind spinning gold and red leaves through the air it is a sure sign that fall is on its way.  Before we are head over heels in holiday enthusiasm I want to take a minute to recap our summer activities.   In "Happy Valley" the summer days are long.  The sun doesn't completely set until after 10.  So as long as the sun is up we're still going.  Unlike this week with the time change it starts to feel like bedtime around 4.  
We saw 'AMERICA' at Draper Days.  Situated on the brow of the hill among hundreds of blankets and chairs we had plenty of homemade entertainment before the concert started.
Brynn  inspires us with her impromptu ballet and gymnastic stunts.

Before long Sadie was in on the action strutting her stuff.  She had quite the moves and wanted to make sure we noticed her spiffy duck tape bandages. 

Lucy was completely happy getting plenty of hugs from granpa.  Next concert Imagine Dragons.

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