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Winter Retreat vs Motorhome

Mr. T and I have a playful discussion of which is the better of the two, a winter retreat or a  home on wheels.  Mr. T loves a road trip which is why we luckily travel a lot to interesting places around the country.  In his dreams he sees us rolling down the road in a primo motorhome with all the bells and whistles.  Now if we were going to get a home on wheels I think a camper would be charming or a pink Shasta trailer to go 'glamping'.  He's not crazy about this idea.
My idea of a winter retreat away from the cold and snow would look something like this.  The closets would be full of clothes (so I wouldn't have to pack a bag), books would fill the shelves, scrumptious linens on comfortable beds and room to roam. Here's a home tour of some places we saw in St. George, Utah.  I might have bought one on the spot if Mr. T and I weren't having this on-going conversation.  Love the free floating shelf underneath the TV.

There are a lot of built in desks and shelves…