Winter Retreat vs Motorhome

Mr. T and I have a playful discussion of which is the better of the two, a winter retreat or a 
home on wheels.  Mr. T loves a road trip which is why we luckily travel a lot to interesting places around the country.  In his dreams he sees us rolling down the road in a primo motorhome with all the bells and whistles.  Now if we were going to get a home on wheels I think a camper would be charming or a pink Shasta trailer to go 'glamping'.  He's not crazy about this idea.

My idea of a winter retreat away from the cold and snow would look something like this.  The closets would be full of clothes (so I wouldn't have to pack a bag), books would fill the shelves, scrumptious linens on comfortable beds and room to roam.
Here's a home tour of some places we saw in St. George, Utah.  I might have bought one on the spot if Mr. T and I weren't having this on-going conversation.  Love the free floating shelf underneath the TV.

 There are a lot of built in desks and shelves which make the rooms stream lined and functional.  Clever inexpensive art.  Framed scrapbook paper.

Light and airy yet colorful and inviting.
Mirrors are a great for adding light and expanding space.
An adorable and comfortable Casita off the courtyard.  Perfect for visiting guests.

Love the red accent wall against the bright white shelves.

 Here is my cute Mr. T with this gem of a motor home we saw at Universal Studios in Florida.
 It's a hard choice don't you think?  Which would you  prefer?  Have you seen the movie "RV"?  It's a laugh and a half!

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