Le Poteger Part II

Are you ready to continue our stroll through the Kitchen Garden?  The atmosphere of this cozy home turned shop was like being enveloped in a cocoon.  Away from the world and the noisy streets of Los Angeles.  It was a welcoming 'Come in and stay for awhile.'  Which we did in the allotted time we had which was not enough.  (See previous post)

 This adorable yet classy couch beckons to take it easy and curl up with a good book.

 From time to time I'm pulled into the modern, simplified, uncluttered look but I have to admit when the seasons change I'm all about snuggy and cozy.   Who doesn't want to come home to their nest to find family treasures, warm colorful throws, a collection of good books and fragrant candles.  Can't you just smell the cookies in the oven?  How about a cup of hot chocolate?
Sunshine and Happiness,

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