The Kitchen Garden Le Potager

Tucked away on a quiet street in the heart of Anaheim Lacey and I found a treasure.  We were on a mission to find as many antique stores as we could in our allotted time  (about an hour) before picking up the boys from school.   
The small two story house was a mustard yellow stucco with black iron grill work on the windows. Flowering vines climbed the walls reaching the clay tile roof.  The towering trees gave welcome shade to the courtyard.
The courtyard was a feast for the senses with soft sounds of waterfalls and trickling splashes from  water features.   Statues, a fireplace and birdbaths tucked into the foliage.  We had a hard time moving on.  Definately a place we will want to return to.
Enjoy  Le Poteger, the kitchen garden.  Next time I'll share the inside which was just as inspiring.

                           Sunshine and Happiness,


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