Summer Games

With Fall knocking at our door it's about time I got caught up with all of our summer happenings.  One of the greatest things to see is all the fun that takes place in the backyard.  It has been a hectic and full summer with lots of visitors.  It certainly doesn't feel like summer is done here.  It's still in the 90's and with the breezes it feels like a hot furnace blowing in your face.  We keep our fingers crossed that our mountains and foothills will be out of fire danger.  Anyway, here are some of the happy times that give us happy family memories. 

I painted square blocks with black dots and then sprayed them with a clear acrylic for a jumbo sized Yahtzee game.  Jumble them around in a bucket and throw them out and the game begins.
The stream provides hours of entertainment.  Little pieces of wood aka little boats tumble down the waterfall and rush down the stream.  Kids anxiously await on the bridge to see which boat wins the race.

Elaborate fairy houses were made along the rocks with dollhouse furniture and other natural elements. Such imaginations!
Mount Everest in the making.  Everyone was involved in this project.  The first objective was to see how far they could dig down.  Buckets, shovels, and even a teapot.  Then came the hose to build a dam.  It was a glorious sight to behold.  All in a days work.  Busy hands, happy kids.

So, the other day when I was raking this monstrous mountain down  to cover the sandbox for the winter, my foot slid down the side of the foot+ dam. Both arms and legs flew up in the air, I landed flat on my back with sand falling down all around me.  No harm done.  I laughed and looked around the neighbors second story windows wondering if anyone had seen me.  Hopefully they were in their backyard.

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