The Beetle Bag

I don't know why this is called a Beetle Bag, in fact anything having to do with beetles sounds pretty creepy to me, but when I was checking out our quilter's fabric shop, The Attic, I was smitten by this little storage case.    I signed up for the 4 hour class and was finished in three.  I chose my own fabric, bought the pattern and the vinyl storage sleeves and the ring.  I was glad I took the class instead of just buying the pattern.  There were a few tricky parts to it like connecting the vinyl zip lock bags with velcro enclosures.  Over all though it went quickly and was a fun learning project.
My favorite part of any sewing project is choosing coordinating fabrics. I   chose three different patterns, front piece and inside pocket,  front cross closures, handle and binding, and the inside lining.

 I haven't decided whether to use it as a on the go sewing tote, a craft tool bag or as an overnight bag.
Any other suggestions?

This week I'm joining the party at :
                                                           The Blissful Bee
                                                         So Much At Home

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