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9 Months in the Making

In May we welcomed cute little Dexter into the family (thanks to Ashley and Eric).  When months earlier we heard the news a new baby would be joining us I was in the mood to do some hand sewing.  So with Dexter in mind strolling the stitching row at Michaels craft store I found a stamped cross-stitch blanket.  So perfect for a little boy...animals and more animals and bright happy colors.
When things slow down after a hectic day I love to keep my hands busy and let my mind rest.  The great thing is I have something to show for the quiet time.  When we were in Florida on our Universal Studios vacation in April I would get up early when it was still quiet in the house and work on one of my little zoo animals.  One by one grand kids would come downstairs to watch the progress I was making and ask questions about the whole process, and then we would be off to play all day at Universal or the beach.  My little bundle of zoo animals, scissors, needles and threads followed me to many places…