My Go-To for Inspiration

One of my favorite places to go when my mind needs a creative boost are the shops at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. The displays never disappoint.  So simple...tear a few pages out of a book to make rosettes and flowers.  Cover the wall in corrugated cardboard and Voila!

Banners add so much to a space..a bit of charm and playfulness.  Hang them on the wall in a bedroom or across shelves in the kitchen. 

 A colorful banner on the fence adds cheer as the flags flutter in the summer breeze. 


More inspiring backdrops.  Walls covered in brown packing paper adding unexpected texture to the room.  These shelves covered with polka dot paper make these displays pop.  I love the paper look behind dinnerware.  I covered the back of our dining room hutch with sheets of whimsical wallpaper.  It's such a pretty back drop for my china and silver.

There's inspiration all around us.  Take the time to observe and enjoy!  Have a great day!

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