I'm Melting...Pamper Me Please

When it's better to stay indoors because the temperatures are sweltering there's nothing like taking a break, relaxing and having a little pamper.  When these little girls come over that's exactly what we do.    And they love it!

Who doesn't feel better when they get their hair done.  Their mom always does their hair in adorable ponies, buns and braids so this sort of a hair-do is new to them.  They're  used to blow dryers and curling irons.  We're taking it slow today so curlers it is.  They sit very still while I put old fashioned curlers and bobby pins in their hair and tell them how cute and special they are.

Then we're off to have the nails done.  I keep an array of colorful polishes for such days.  Part of the fun is picking out the colors. Sometimes they are in the mood for a little creativity. One day we painted fingernails and toenails each a different color  Again they are very still so as not to make a mess.  And they tell me all kinds of stories.  So fun to hear what their world is all about.

Next....Lunch with the girls. Delightful and healthy.  They had fun helping with the preparations and before long they had finished off their dolls.  Menu: Face: Boiled egg cut in half, eyes and mouth were made by dipping a toothpick in food coloring and then poking it in the egg, Arms: apple slices, Dress: crackers, Legs: carrot sticks, Shoes: raisons.

What a lovely pampering day. They were so relaxed they were ready for nap...Boy-oh-boy all in a days work.

                                        Keep Cool and Enjoy Your Summer Days!

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