Whoooooo....Happy Halloween!

Who loves Halloween? 
 Who's That?

Who Done It?

 Who's Coming?
 Who Are You?
 Who Dares To Have a Spooky Night?
                              Have Fun!


An Apple A Day

Some of the most beautiful apple orchards are found in Michigan.  The trees are heavy laden with huge red apples.Mouth watering just to look at them. What is so impressive about these beautiful farms is the obvious pride of ownership.  Their homes are beautiful. Beautiful white fences surround the well-trimmed orchards.  The contrast of blue sky, red apples and green grass is a breath taking view of fall.
We spent the afternoon playing on tractors, petting the goats and goofing around taking silly pictures of one another.  I couldn't help but wonder what life would be like on a
No doubt there's a lot of work to be done. But oh the beauty, lush green hills surrounded by pristine white fences, flowering trees in the spring, fruit in the fall, and peaceful serenity in the midst of a few acres.

We headed to the barn for cider and dough-nuts. With that yummy treat the day was complete. Yumm!! Now I'm in an apple baking mood.  Apple crumble, apple pie, apple cranberry bread, apple turnovers.


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