The Gossip Bench

How I love a stroll down memory lane.  And no better place to find  antique stores than in the mid-west.  What a treasure trove of intriguing stuff.   When Mr. T drives down the road there are so many antique stores I can hardly contain myself, I'm like, 'oh, oh, stop, oh, there's another one.'  Someday we'll have to go back with a truck or a trailer.  For now our car of choice is the SUV and it is stuffed.
This fire engine in fantastic shape reminds me of my brothers racing around the driveway.  They also had a yellow roadster.  Their little legs pedaling as fast as they could.
Of course these dolls and furniture are before my time but I can relate to hours, going on days,  playing with my dolls, their houses and furniture.   What stories my friends and I made up for their make believe lives.
Here's the treasure I ended up with, a gossip bench.  Can you just imagine a teenager sitting here for hours talking on the phone.  They couldn't even move around very far. How far you traveled depended on the length of the cord.  It  probably was relaxing just to sit and concentrate on your conversation.  No other distractions.  Anyway, this little piece had a story to tell.  That's what I like about it.
In it's original state it was dark wood with a very flat seat cushion in greens and brown. Sorry no before pictures. I decided the master bedroom was just the place for this unique piece.  It took a couple of coats of paint to cover the dark wood.  The seat was repadded and covered to compliment the upholstered headboard in the Master Bedroom.  The retro phone from Pottery Barn is perfect.

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