Parades and Things

When July comes around we take our celebrating seriously and do so all month.  The month has flown by  as we have gone to a benefit concert in the park (lead singer of Imagine Dragons-very fun night), BBQ's, a new event in our neighborhood called a 'Walkie Talkie' where we meet and greet one another on a walk and end up at a designated home for cookies, s'mores or sno-cones (yum), last night the musical 'Fiddler On The Roof' at Sundance outdoor theater nestled in the pines (great show), of  course parades, fireworks to celebrate Independence Day and Pioneer Day, fun filled family reunions.. Mr. T even fit in  a road trip to San Diego to his high school reunion.  I can't wait to hear all his stories when he gets home.  
We pulled out all the red, white and blue craft supplies for an impromptu neighborhood parade.  I think the fun is in the making of these very imaginative floats.  The kiddos had a grand ole time as they added more and more decoration to a... box, a wheel barrow, scooter and wagon.  It was quite a procession down the side walk.
 Love Lucy's boxcar.  Baby Wipes got some free advertising in this parade. They sang Your a Grand Ole Flag and Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked under the hot sun.  My mustache girl was the ring leader. 
 We cut the parade a little short because of the heat.  We came home and ate 3 or 4 popsicles a piece.
 "For some must push and some must pull".... the others.
 All ready to go.  Ashley looking down the hill thinking..okay we've got to climb back up this, right?  Ready, Set, Sing.
 Family fun at Zion's Canyon. Swimming, chats and craziness.

The kids love to line up and jump off the waterfall ledge.  They are all getting very brave.  I loved cruising around on the noodle.
What fun things are you doing this month?


Cool Blue on A Hot Day

Contemplating cool blue on a hot summer day.   Refreshing peacock blue,
aqua polka dot napkins and plates,
 colorful blue threads waiting for a project,
butterfly blue,

and of course, sparkling ocean blue.
Hope you're refreshed and ready to start a wonderful new week.

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