A Midnight Summer's Dream...School's Out Party

Midnight Summers Dream
There is a legend for all dreamers that goes like this...on the longest day of the year the fairy realm is very close by, and if you are very careful and very gentle you just may be lucky enough to see tiny fairies frolicking about and playing tricks.  The secret to discovering them is to make the fairies feel very safe and comfortable.  Children can do this by building a home for them tucked back in the flowers and bushes.  The fairies will watch, giggle and chatter from a far as you do this to see what creative and diligent work you will do on their behalf.  It pleases the fairies very much if you leave a  feast for them.  If they are pleased with your efforts they just might leave you a treat.  But the fairies won't leave the treat out in the open.  They will expect you to hunt through the bushes and the trees and flowers with a magnifying glass if you wish to find your treat.   So that's just what we did!  All fairies and one little sprite had a wonderful time.
Casting the magical spell

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