A Peek in the Barn

The barn is the size of a house.  Original square glass windows on the bottom floor and the loft.  I can just imagine the hollering, laughter and chatter of a jolly barn raising.  The community in on the work with a grand picnic afterwards.  Tables laden with berry and apple pies, breads, corn on the cob and other tasty vegetables from the garden.  Kids running through tall trees and meadows, climbing trees and rock walls.
 To reach the barn we pass a little pond which little boys are anxiously waiting for polywogs to grow into frogs.
 Surely there was a dance after the barn raising.  A great place for some outdoor entertaining.  Inside the barn was an antique treasure.  A writing desk with the worksmanship of a maybe two hundred years ago.  Unfortunately abandoned in the barn and used for a workbench over the years.
 I like to think this was the desk of one of the many sea captains that lived in the nearby ports.  Maybe a graced a sea captains quarters.
 Pretty details on the legs. 
  Logs on the plank floor are cut and scraped clean probably from the nearby woods. Heavy beams like these are part of the ceiling in the barn and the main house.

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