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Snuggled In At Hillside Farm

I'm stepping back in time in the beautiful wooded township of Exeter, New Hampshire.  My view of the thick woods, as yet without leaves, whisper tales from the past of previous settlements, the echo of pull and strain as my own ancesters as early as the 1600's felled tall trees in these woods and their horses  pulled out enormous roots.  I wonder how it would feel to live on acres of meadow and woods.  Daffodils spring up wherever in the grass and along the rock walls.  The rocky ground provides an abundance of material for charming rock walls around the perimeters and in the yard.  I'm told the rocks literally push themselves out of the ground after the frozen winter.  That actually sounds a bit magical...but it's the truth.  The ground now is pretty squishy under the leaves of authum.  There are ponds and streams and muddy rivers everywhere.  A windy chill in the air that I suspect comes from the ocean.  We are only a few miles from Portsmouth which is on the coast.