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Footloose February

Leaving the cold behind Mr. T and I headed for Sedona, AZ to enjoy some sun.  It was beautiful but a little chilly..40 degrees.  Much better than the 20 degrees we left behind but we were hoping for some real warmth.

It was perfect for some good walks and hiking around the rock formations.  Always lots to see....we found an old mining ghost town in the hills.

A couple of weeks later a trip to Princeville, Kauai, HI.  Perfect weather.  The week before it had been raining and the day we left it started to rain.
Snorkeling at St. Regis was great.

Before this orchid shop I kept feeling like something was crawling on me...creepy crawler.  Finally, I looked at Mr. T and asked him if something was on me.  He fluffed my hair and looked around and then I felt it on my arm again and brushed it.  What should fall to the ground but a spider about 4-5" in circumfrence! Ughhhhhhh.  Unfortunately the beautiful orchids remind me of the humungus spider.
Always fun to come home to all of our kids…