More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkees

 When it snows at our house we play in it.....of course it takes about an hour to get everyone bundled up.  We roll in it, make snow angels and throw it around.

 We even tried our luck at stomping down the snow on our side hill (a small slope) to make a sledding trail.  But our make shift sled (a black garbage bag) did not do the trick.  We tried a few other things...a shovel, a cookie sheet (totally bent now) but a saucer would have been great.
 We stayed out long enough to make our cheeks rosy, about an hour, and our hands frozen.

 Then we went through the process all over again...taking off boots and all of our bundles. 
 Now a happy memory with my little munchkins as all of the mounds of snow are now melting revealing patches of grass.

Could spring be on it's way?  I think we are being fooled, anyway according to Mr. Ground Hog we have a few more weeks to go.

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