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Whoooooo....Happy Halloween!

Who loves Halloween?  Who's That?

Who Done It?

Who's Coming?
Who Are You?
Who Dares To Have a Spooky Night?
                              Have Fun!

An Apple A Day

Some of the most beautiful apple orchards are found in Michigan.  The trees are heavy laden with huge red apples.Mouth watering just to look at them. What is so impressive about these beautiful farms is the obvious pride of ownership.  Their homes are beautiful. Beautiful white fences surround the well-trimmed orchards.  The contrast of blue sky, red apples and green grass is a breath taking view of fall.
We spent the afternoon playing on tractors, petting the goats and goofing around taking silly pictures of oneanother. I couldn't help but wonder what life would be like on a
No doubt there's a lot of work to be done. But oh the beauty, lush green hills surrounded by pristine white fences, flowering trees in the spring, fruit in the fall, and peaceful serenity in the midst of a few acres.

We headed to the barn for cider and dough-nuts. With that yummy treat the day was complete. Yumm!! Now I'm in an apple baking mood.  Apple crumble, apple pie, apple cranberry bread, a…

A Little Bit of Fall

This week has been perfect for getting in the mood for fall.  It has been raining softly and at other times in torrents.  Black clouds moving in and out, grumbling as they go.  I've been pulling bins off the shelves to look through decor.  So between moments of working on Halloween things for my space at Urban Country Boutique I started adding color and warmth to some of our rooms. Here's a peek.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Joining the party at Dwellings-the Heart of Your Home
Green Willow Pond

Whenever I Think of You...I Smile Inside.

Nixon at the Botanical Gardens Michigan
Bostyn on the 100 year old Merry-Go-Round at Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.
 Ella's baptism in Draper.  A new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
 Fashionista little Piper.
Techy Ashlyn started a new site called 'Modest is Hottest' and has a mega following.
Ava found herself the hat of her dreams at an antique store in New Hampshire and paid for it with her own money.   A girl after my own heart.

Love you all, my munchkins!

The Gossip Bench

How I love a stroll down memory lane.  And no better place to find  antique stores than in the mid-west.  What a treasure trove of intriguing stuff.   When Mr. T drives down the road there are so many antique stores I can hardly contain myself, I'm like, 'oh, oh, stop, oh, there's another one.'  Someday we'll have to go back with a truck or a trailer.  For now our car of choice is the SUV and it is stuffed. This fire engine in fantastic shape reminds me of my brothers racing around the driveway.  They also had a yellow roadster.  Their little legs pedaling as fast as they could.
Of course these dolls and furniture are before my time but I can relate to hours, going on days,  playing with my dolls, their houses and furniture.   What stories my friends and I made up for their make believe lives.
Here's the treasure I ended up with, a gossip bench.  Can you just imagine a teenager sitting here for hours talking on the phone.  They couldn't even move around ve…

Good-bye to Summer

" If the only prayer you say in your life is 'thank you' that would be enough." 
Meister Eckhart German Philosoper
Summer always goes by way too fast.  Is it because we try to fit so much into three months?   Before you know it school has started, the days start to get shorter, the beautiful thunder storm clouds roll in and a tinge of red and gold can be seen in the mountains.  I love all the changing seasons.  But I have to admit I'm dragging my feet a bit into fall.  Therefore, I pay tribute to a wonderful summer with lots of gatherings with family and friends. Thank you for the laughing chatter of children.  Thank you for the breeze on a hot summer day. Thank you for Mr. T and his gardening expertise.   Thank you for all the fairy parties in the gazebo.
 Thank you for a strawberry patch which was Oh, so good.
Thank you for a babbling stream that makes the day seem so much cooler.

Thank you for imaginative children who can think of a million different ways to us…

It's Always Good To Look Up

"Strong families are not made without strong people who believe enough in the value of their parenthood that they are willing to arrange their entire lives, if necessary, around home and family." anonymous Omaha, Nebraska Temple Winter Quarters "Passing beyond breaking points without breaking takes the form of endurance."  Neal A. Maxwell

"Giving your all when it hurts more than you thought anything could ever hurt, that's what makes you into a champion."   Paul H. Dunn

Library Re-Do

"It is the things we read and learn and then put into practice that count."    Heber J. Grant Welcome to one of my favorite rooms....the cozy library.  In the quiet and often dark early morning hours it's just me cuddled in a plush throw nestled in my sound but quiet breezes or soft patter of rain outside the window.  My day always starts better when I do some inspirational reading, scriptures, and good books.  Also, a welcome retreat in the evening when the TV is too loudly repeating the chaos of the day.  I love to plan my week in this quiet solitude. As I've said in another post it's hard for me to sit in a room without dreaming up a new look.  So, true to my word this has been one of the latest projects.  All the beautiful blues; peacock, indigo, and navy, that are popular right now were my inspiration.  The first thing on the to-do list was to paint the wallpapered walls a peacock blue.  I painted on top of the existing textured wallpaper.  No …