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Pink Wednesday

I'm joining the advertising slogan game. We've heard the hype about Black Friday, Super Saturday and Cyber Monday. Well it's my turn.  PINK WEDNESDAY                           I'm officially launching my Mary Kay website   just in time for the holidays!  I am so excited to share it with you.  Please take a look.  You will find great beauty tools like trend reports and a virtual make-over where you can try different eye and cheek colors, techniques and hairstyles based on your personal features and face shape.   Not to mention a beautiful catalog with professional make-up artist looks, skin care lines for all types of skin and body lotions, shower gels and fragrances.  You can even fill out the wish list and pass along your subtle hints to your loved one.
There is no obligation to register.  I would just like you to settle into a cozy chair when you've got a quiet moment, take a look and then give me your feedback.  If  you should see some…