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It's Here!

The week of celebrating all that we hold dear is here.  This little chalkboard sitting on our kitchen counter has reminded us to remember all things big and small that we are grateful for.  It was a great opportunity to see Plymouth, Massachusetts this fall where the pilgrims set foot to start a new life in a new land of beauty and opportunity.  I love people with adventurous spirits.  Many of my ancestors have proved to be adventurous.  I guess that's where my free spirit comes from. We look forward to having the family (this year 31) together for our turkey feast and as we uphold our family tradition it will be eaten on china with crystal goblets and silver, linen tablecloths and candles.  If you're going to spend so much time cooking you might as well make it something to remember.  Can't wait!
And then Black Friday will be the real beginning of the Christmas season.  The stores have been gnawing at the bit to get sales going way before Thanksgiving but I've held o…