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Follow The Boardwalk

A path that has no end in sight is so intriquing to me.  Where does it lead?  What is at the end? Always the beginning of an unknown adventure starts at the head of  a path.  Kick off your shoes and follow me..... A perfect blue sky fall day with a little nip in the air and just the right amount of a breeze to make ribbons and hair fly. Ahh...the seashore.  Driftwood and miles of fine sand.  That's why you have to take your ballet flats off.  Otherwise you will be hauling around 2" of sand in your shoes.  
Tangled sea weed and nets washed up on the sand. Now there's a story. What crazy adventure caused the nets to get tangled up in the seaweed?

Mr. T and I love to hunt for seashells.  They speak of the roll and tumble of the ocean and the journey they have been on before resting on the shore. Aren't we all like a seashell rolling and tumbling through life with moments of rest?

Mr. T scores with a claw. I tried to put it around his ear like a Bluetooth put I didn…

So Very New England

You are probably thinking I am a slacker for not keeping up with my 30 day blogging challenge.  Well here's the deal.  We have traveled from the sunny west coast to the brillant red landscape of the east coast in a matter of a few weeks.  Many miles and a few time zone changes, which has made sleeping crazy.
      I didn't take any  techy equipment with me this last trip to Cape Cod and Boston. I just wanted to soak up New England with no distractions.  It was everything I hoped it would be; festivities, fall walks on the shore, shopping in the cute towns, and tons of history on Cape Cod.  The Freedom Trail in Boston was amazing, the cruise from the haaba (harbor), and the energy of Quincy Market were highlights.  What a beautiful country we live in.  Each State has it's own flavor and beauty.  Every place I go I think, Oh, I would love to live here!  But when our travels are over I'm always glad to be home, especially in my own bed.  So that's my excuse.  No…