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Line & Design

A line gently eases into a curve and becomes a striking design. The beautiful St. Louis World's Fair Park and Zoo as seen through the lens of an amatuer photogragher... having fun.

A few of these shots will be enlarged, printed in black and white and set in black frames for the Master Bedroom project.  A fun way to remember our travels.

A Rocking New Look

Fixing up baby Piper's nursery was just part of the fun of her arrival.  Keeping the color palette soothing yet girly Ashley and I gathered up treasures that would give the perfect touch to this sweet room.  A retro TV cabinet painted in a Dove Gray was perfect for little accents.  Using toys and children's books is a sure way to keep your decorating kid friendly and age appropriate.  The perfect find for Ashley and Piper was found in the garage from a previous trip to the Antique Mall. That's another story.   Side note:  The Mid-West is  heaven for treasure hunting.  There are flea markets, hidden treasures, thrift stores and antique malls galore.  My dream road trip would be to stop at every antique stop along the way.  I have yet to find someone who shares my dream.  But I digress.  The chair was spray painted with 3 cans of a soft melon color.  I didn't have time to sand or prime it but nonetheless was pleased with the final outcome.  I made a 18" square cush…

Meditations on Fall

Looking out my window I can see the yellow and red colors of fall beginning to creep down the mountainside.  The trees are heavy laden with red apples, and I envision a day of baking scrumptious apple crisp, apple pie and apple bread.  Infact, this morning when I met my favorite girls for breakfast I was sure I could smell cinnamon in the air before I ever reached the bakery.  How's that for a sensory fall experience! Time to pull out the cardigans for that nip in the air.  Pack up the summer clothes and sandals-but not too far away.  Just in case you might need them again for a winter trip to the Carribean or Hawaii.  Delicious Fall.  The time to snuggle up for football games, bon fires, hot chocolate, donuts and old movies.
September is a new beginning for me.  I guess it stems back to all those years in school.  When everyone is hustling and bustling about getting kids ready for school I'm thinking what class do I want to take this fall?  Like I have room for anything else…