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Michigan By Way of Milburn Street

A sweet little bundle arrived two weeks ago in Michigan, Piper Ilene.  That's special to me because that's my middle name and it makes me feel good that it will be carried on in the family.  She is a precious little one, 8lbs.  She has all of us wrapped around her little finger, hopping and jumping  at her every need.  Michigan is a fun and beautiful new place to discover.  I love all the green trees and woods.  The humidity takes time to get used to.  Nothing like welcoming a rain storm and going outside and finding it to be like a hot shower. Whew!!
We went to Saginaw Bay over Labor Day Weekend. While there we found a cute German Village named Frankenmuth.  We were entertained all day as we walked through shops, rode the horse drawn carriage admiring the well kept historic homes, and basically started the ruin of our weight loss as we snacked on licorice and numerous bakery treats.
We spent some time at Lake Huron.  From the park we crossed the boardwalk through marshy woo…