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Thinking Overload

As I was sitting in the hot tub last night I realized I have this problem, (it can be serious and costly), that my mind just can't stop.  While I should be relaxing in the bubbly, warm swirling water my mind is devising a plan to knock out the windows, put in some french doors, put in a small pool and patio and have another spot for entertaining.  Mr. T rolls his eyes at me but I can't help it.  I cannot go into a room without thinking of how to tweek it.  This is why being an Interior Designer is can start on someone else's home.  You can only remodel your own home so many times.  Here's a peek at our last project.  Two bathrooms gutted and redesigned.    With the creative help of my talented Tiffany my dream came true. I now can soak in the footed tub and not think of a thing that needs to be changed.

 The Master bath is a European Spa.

 The 2nd bath is urban with its dual built-ins with chicken wire inserts surrounding a free standing sink with bronz…