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Our summer kick off party...yeah! schools out.  This year our theme 'A Garden Party'.  Each charming guest brought a 6 pack of their favorite flower and after a picnic lunch each of them planted their flowers in the 'children's garden' that had been previously prepared just for this special day.  Over the years I have been collecting ceramic tiles from Mexico and San Diego waiting to find the perfect place to use them.  After considerable thought on how to make this flower garden their own I decided to glue the tiles to garden stakes.  They each choose their favorite tile, had their name written on the stake and placed it in the garden next to their flowers.  I think they will have fun watching their garden grow and fill out during the summer months.  They took it very seriously and had a great time digging in the dirt,
 The garden is filled with begonias, petunias, succulents and a beautiful variety of flowers. Our in-house gardener and landscape architect, Lacey, was on hand to place them in just the right spot.
Our menu consisted of  kid favorites, pizza squares, fruit (mandarin oranges, pineapple, strawberries, grapes, olives and animal crackers packaged in wax paper. Brown paper sacks were embellished with cute cupcake liners.  They eagerly chose their lunch sack and sat on blankets and visited with their cousins.

As I gave a run down on the afternoon activities Ashley, our in-house photographer, caught a magic moment.  Don't you love it when excited children listen to you?
 We had races, a water balloon fight and they put on a play 'The Gingerbread Boy'.  Ashlyn, the director, and Cam,  Andy and Ella had major roles as the taunting pig, alligator and fox.  The other kiddos were gingerbread boys and on cue would run around singing 'You can't catch me'.  It was pretty funny.
 Lucy in the Mad Dash Race...keeping up with the best of them. For a take home gift they received an embellished code of manners.  Their challenge is to work on those manners through out the summer.  Moms will give them checks for a job well done then I'll have another surprise for them before schools out if they have lots of check marks!

 My happy little gardeners gathered round for a picture.  We finjished up the party with ice cream sandwiches.  What a fun time we had!

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