It's official....summer is here when school is out, right?  Time for the annual School's Out Party and a bundle of other activities.  I'm out in the yard in my 'playhouse'  working on party inspirations.  But as usual I got a bit side-tracked.  Looking at the  latest upload of pictures I wanted to share with you our latest graduates.  Each year of their life is such a mile-stone and such a reminder to the rest of us that the future is before us and all we have to do is 'click our heels', look into the future, dream big, put some work into those dreams and watch our future unfold.

Cam is our sixth grade graduate.  They had a great 40's program honoring the great generation of hard working, patriotic Americans.  Cam is wearing his great-prandpa's WWII army uniform which brought tears to my eyes.
Brynn is our kindergarten graduate where she "learned everything she will ever need to know".  This cute little baker is the poster girl for Mrs. Field's cookies.

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