Hello Summer

I got a little behind on the blog.  I was ready to post last week pushed an unknown button and it took me a few days (time permitting) to undo the mess I made.  Black screen, magnifier, pictures moved, etc., etc.  Thanks to faithful helpers it came back from the black hole.   From the frustrating experience I took a couple of days off without technology and went back to pen and paper.  Actually it was refreshing and soothing to my soul.

We are in the full swing of activity as school ends,....programs, recitals, concerts and graduations.  I am inspired to see the excitement of goals finished, talents learned and shared.  By the end of each display I've convinced myself I should take up dancing again, study to be a Doctor, be in a choir, practice a piano piece til it is perfected and become limber enough to do a hand spring.  he, he....maybe not that one.  The point is we never quit learning and what a blessing that is.

What's been happening......

Lucy turns 3!
A weekend at Zions.  Movie night-sleepover for the cousins.
Ella's 8th birthday and baptism.

 Nate and Meg's wedding .
 Trip to St. Louis for Eric's graduation.
 World's Fair Pavillion 1903-04  St. Louis, Missouri
 Dr. Eric
Mother's Day with the girl's and families.
Rainbows in life are all around us.

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