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Little Ladies

I found this adorable picture on pinterest.  These little ladies look like they are about 5 years old. Starting young to stand straight and walk tall.  All dressed like little ladies, in a dress with sparkling white gloves.  That sort of looks like me at the end of the line at that age but I think not.   I didn't learn all those lovely things from a finishing school when I was 5 years old.  Throughout my childhood I learned them from my wonderful mother.  She nurtured me, taught me table manners and how to treat people and our surroundings.  By her example she showed me what style was all about.I always loved to go shopping with her.  Every season we would go to the finest stores and pick out atleast one or two outfits.   On Friday night when mama and daddy went out on a date I would head for their bedroom and respectfully take her jewel box off of the dresser, sit on the bed and organize all of the beautiful pearl earrings, crystal necklaces and multi-colored stone pins.  I neve…