Opening of The Summer Cottage

 I am truly amazed the snow melted by March.  We now have trees bursting with pink and white blooms.  Carpets of green grass fresh and wonderful to the touch.  We have even had our first 'alfresco'  dinner on the patio with the babbling brook beside us.  Although I must admit it was a bit chilly.  We are die hard 'picnikers', like die hard golfers who are out playing when it's raining, the wind is blowing and there are still patches of snow on the course.  As soon as the sun is out and "looks" warm and the sky is blue we are out...out of our cocoons.
I finished the playhouse at the end of summer last year so have not had a chance to enjoy it as I plan to.  You can see the beginning of the make-over in a previous post.  Here are a few  pics of my new summer retreat where projects and dreams will happen.
 Vintage finds and personal treasures are part of the cottage.  The little chest has been mine since I was 5 years old.  Tracy Potter's inspiring art book full of painted furniture. Baskets and trays painted with enamel paint in bold colors.  Old frames painted and showing off some of my fabric stash.  With  the glass they also make great dry erase boards.  The table is an unused door painted and placed on top of two water barrels making good storage underneath for paint and outdoors games.
 Vintage postcards from my parents travels.  The Summer Cottage sign from our trip last summer to San Juan Capistrano, California.  And the polished rock is from a white elephant party I got many years ago reminding me,  and the girls I have taught over the years, that we are all like the rough stone on the outside and with lifes experiences and self improvement we become beautiful on the inside..our true beauty shines forth.
I handpainted the 'rug' and varnished it a few times so hopefully it won't get too scratched up.  My dad's old Lazy Boy chair, the most comfortable chair in the world, but not pretty enough to be in the house :) is covered in a patchwork quilt.  Sassy Jane's adorable skirts from Piper & Chloe are window treatments, and a foam board covered in upholstery fabric makes a great bulletin board for all those pending projects.   The wicker desk  is a vintage find from my friend's store 'So Chic'.
  As I sit here looking out of my window gazing at my cottage I can't wait to get dressed and go play on this beautiful Spring Day.  Til next time.  Have a great day!

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