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New Beginnings

This year as we attended a wonderful Easter service in Oahu, Hawaii chapel it occured to me that April, starting with Easter and then General Conference,  could be called a new beginning.  I already have a couple of new beginnings on my calendar.  January, the beginning of a new year when the slate is clean and new.... The chapters of life not yet written.  January is a fresh start.  Each year  I feel as if  'this' year I will conquer the world with my new goals and aspirations.  For me September is another month of fresh starts.  As stated in the movie 'You've Got Mail' by a romantic bookstore owner, "There's nothing like the excitement of fall and the smell of new sharpened pencils"  September is like a home school project.  I fill in my calendar with new learning activities....a new book for scripture study, an exercise program,  figuring out Family History research, theatre tickets, ideas for holiday entertaining, and such.

Easter, a new beginnin…