New Beginnings


Hawaiian Temple
 This year as we attended a wonderful Easter service in Oahu, Hawaii chapel it occured to me that April, starting with Easter and then General Conference,  could be called a new beginning.  I already have a couple of new beginnings on my calendar.  January, the beginning of a new year when the slate is clean and new.... The chapters of life not yet written.  January is a fresh start.  Each year  I feel as if  'this' year I will conquer the world with my new goals and aspirations.  For me September is another month of fresh starts.  As stated in the movie 'You've Got Mail' by a romantic bookstore owner, "There's nothing like the excitement of fall and the smell of new sharpened pencils"  September is like a home school project.  I fill in my calendar with new learning activities....a new book for scripture study, an exercise program,  figuring out Family History research, theatre tickets, ideas for holiday entertaining, and such.

Easter, a new beginning with it's accompaning new buds of Spring bring to mind the Atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who suffered so much in our behalf that we might not have to carry our burdens of inadequacy, weakness, fear and turmoil.  All he asks is that we have the faith to seek His help in finding the  peace, courage and strength we so desire.  Easter is a time to face those mind boggling mole hills that have somehow turned into mountains and release them.  Place our burdens at His feet and follow in His way.  Now that is a fresh start!

And then, General Conference with messages from a modern day prophet, Thomas S Monson, and apostles, follows the renewing process of Easter.  It refills my bucket with hope, vision and a desire to be better.  Not only that, these inspiried leaders give us the directions on how to do it.  Words to ponder and live by so that we can find peace, joy and happiness in an upside down world.  All messages are found on lds.org.  I've already downloaded them for on the go so I can will be reminded of all I learned.  I have many favorite speakers but I especially enjoyed Sister Dalton, YW President and President Boyd K. Packer.

So...Although it is a cold and rainy day in April, no longer in Hawaii, there is definately 'sunshine in my soul today'.

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