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Looking For Blue Sky

Mr. T planned a fun trip to St.George for Valentine's Day.  We were looking to find some blue sky.  As you can see we have seen a lot of snow this year.  This is the third time the deck has been covered.  it has been shoveled a couple of times.  Truly a child's paradise.  I have yet to go out and make some snow angels in the backyard.  The kids came over yesterday and made a slide on the hill and giant snowballs in the hopes of completing a huge catapillar.
 Yahoo!  The Sun.  We stayed at our favorite place in Springdale, The Desert Pearl, just outside the gate of Zions Canyon.  Our plan was to go to the St. George Temple and join with the other hundreds that flock to St. George for the Home Show.  But, we had just started a protein diet a couple of days before we left and lacked the energy to do much other than enjoy the blue sky, sit in the sun by the pool and enjoy the canyon.  We consider this our second home, which we enjoy throughout the year.
 We have many memories wi…