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Tattle Tales and A New Office

There's nothing like single digit temperatures and snowy days to keep me focused on the warmth and coziness of home.  Like many of you I am all a flutter with organizing and room make-overs.  Today two semi freight trucks dropped off furniture shipments.  The garage is full of huge boxes.  Check:  Patio furniture (tip: when you are looking to buy patio furniture do it in the winter.  50-70% off awesome stuff), also a urban pedestal sink for the bathroom remodel, craft and sewing tables and chairs for my workroom.  I am so excited to get it placed. First of all I want to repaint the workroom.  Before and after shots later. The cardboard boxes will make some amazing playhouses if we can figure out where to store them till summer or til the playroom is finished.

Before Christmas I decided to move my office to a larger room because I need a little more space to spread out.  I asked Mr. T if he would like an office instead of balancing his lap top on his knee while watching TV or read…