City Sidewalks

 Nothing warms my heart like seeing Christmas lights on all the trees downtown, surrounding windows in the neighborhoods, blinking lights to music and in general bows, candy canes, Santa Claus and all the reindeer (we have plenty of deer roaming the streets around us).  When we drive up the hill and then down our boulevard it looks like a Christmas village tucked into the hills.  All very cozy and wonderful.
 The traditional candy windows are back at City Creek Center after a long absence while downtown was under a 2-3 year renovation.  These ornaments are amazing...all made from candy.  Mr.Nutcracker is covered in white and colored jelly beans and strips of black licorice.  I wonder how many jelly beans were eaten for every one glued on :)
 It's a most wonderful time of the year.  It seems as if we are all on the same page.  Busy shopping, devising secret plans for serving one another, baking, partying, seeing the events of the season....Nutcracker, Savior of the World, music and dance recitals.  Smiles and jolly moods.  Only a week left!

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