A Place of Christmas Inspiration

 One of the dreams I've always had which has not diminished in desire is that of owning a big fancy Victorian house and turning it into a stunning shop full of delightful treasures tucked into all the nooks and crannies only a Victorian house would have.  Such a place was found off the beaten track in a small town in Ohio.  Oh if only the walls could talk and tell us of life and time of another era living in this grand old house.  This columned mansion, which reminds me, the name of it was 'The Columns', had  three stories of everything you could imagine.  Antique furniture, clothing, the kitchen areas were stocked with linens, dishes and jars of delicious sounding condiments, decor, well you get the idea.
 One of the ideas I loved was how they put collections together in their beautiful antique cabinets.  It was just the inspiration I needed for displaying many of the small figurines and Christmas mementos that we have collected over the years.
 Making a Christmas display with various sizes and shapes has a bold and enchanting impact rather than spacing single items around the room.
Each little snowman, Hummel, tin and antique car brings to mind special friends,  fond memories of Christmas past with parents and siblings, husband and children.  Each year we add  to our memories.  Another year with family and friends, strengthening ties of love and finding ways to serve one another.  Isn't that what Christmas is all about?  By serving and loving one another we honor our Savior, Jesus Christ whose birthday we celebrate.  Happy Holidays!  And by all means if you know where there are any fabulous old houses turned store let me know :)

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