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A Sparkly Season

Can you feel the excitement in the air? The holidays are offically upon us!  Time to create, dress up and sparkle.  This is a Christmas project that I did a few years ago inspired by my mom.  As a young girl I watched her gather broken costume jewelry from drug stores and hit the wholesale markets in L.A. for rhinestones and other goodies.  She spent hours putting together these jewel trees.  One was for her and then all her friends and sisters wanted one.
 This is my own replica using vintage jewelry from my grandma (think early 1900's), my aunt (1930's-40's), and mama (1950's-60's).  There are even a few of my own pieces in there  like the black bow earring.  This is a great place to use those earrings that have lost their mate, or unstrung and broken clasp necklaces.  Each one of these jewels have a special meaning to me.  They bring back all kinds of happy memories...seeing my mom and dad go out on a date, my aunt always dressed up in suits going to a meeting…