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Beauty In Contrast

For a couple of cozy wintry days we felt like we were the only ones on the planet.  Enormous snowflakes gently fell, stacking higher and higher on the ground. Only the muffled roar of the snow plow was heard every forty five minutes or so scooping up the snow and dropping another load of salt on the road.
 An all white world on the hill.  It just so happened that we had a trip to Arizona planned so we left our white world behind and found the sun.  Open air cruising to beautiful Sedona, Prescott (pronounced Prescut by the natives), reminding us of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  A very western old fashioned town.  Also Tucson, which had changed dramatically since we passed through on our adventurous honeymoon to Mexico a few years back.
 The open road.  Weather felt great to us, 70's.
 Amazing rock formations which Mr. T and I like to name. I say that rock on the right looks like a howling coyote.  Therefore, Coyote Mountain it is.
 There is beauty in the it's starkness a…