November is Here!

How could this be?  The first weekend in November has passed us by, an election come and gone, what's left of the beautiful fall colored leaves are tugged off the trees by the chilly wind  bringing snow tomorrow.  Preparations are beginning for the holidays ahead; baking, Thanksgiving dinner planning, cleaning and making ready for guests.  Once blank calendar pages for November and December are filling up fast with activities.  What a happy time of year!  We shall forget the troubles and disappointments of the year and celebrate all that is good, and for the many things we have to be grateful for.

When I turned the calendar from October over to November there in bold letters was Piper & Chloe,  scheduled for this weekend.   Well, needless to say girls that is definately not going to happen this weekend.  And I must say it feels a little strange and kind of sad but it has been a very busy fall for the PC girls.  Cristelle and Lacey have adorable new babies to care for, Tiffany is busy with her Interior Design business, Ashley is a busy professional photographer and just returned home to Pennsylvania after a 4 month stay with us while Eric was doing Medical school rotations around the country.  As for me I am in the remodeling process, the party planner,  Mr. T's traveling companion, and keeping an eye on 'My thirteen little kids', a writer and a life style expert (he, he) 
This outfit from our Spring show is now hanging in my closet.  Lucky me :)  I'll miss our midnight shopping spree after the doors closed.  Always the best shopping.  We'll look forward to next Spring.
Just a thought.....Love God and thank Him.  Just be happy everyday.  Work hard and do your best.

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